Our History

ACAKORO Football started in 2013. After construction of Damascus Nursery and S.H.C. School was completed, Coaches of ACAKORO Football invited all schools of Korogocho to come with children between 8 and 14 years for first selection round. Through a very tight schedule and the support of the schools of Korogocho, ACAKORO Football made it to test football abilities of more than 6000 children in four weeks!

After the first selection round, 150 children (120 boys and 30 girls) were invited to the final selection tournament where Coaches of ACAKORO Football picked 60 boys and 20 girls for starting ACAKORO’s daily training. Social living circumstances of the candidates were as important as football abilities throughout the whole selection process!

After transferring all 80 selected boys and girls to Damascus Nursery and S.H.C. School ACAKORO Football started daily training and playing matches on weekends.

In 2014 ACAKORO Football went with all players and coaches to Arusha/Tanzania. For children of ACAKORO Football it was the first time to see a different country! ACAKORO Football is now regularly participating at tournaments in Kenya and is well known as the most promising football institution of the Country, especially because of the combination of Football, Academics and Social education!

So far ACAKORO Football is the story of an unbelievable success and we all are proud to be part of it! But we all know that we still have a long way to go with our children to make them able to go into a bright future!