Who we are

ACAKORO Football (short for: Academy of Korogocho Football) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Korogocho Slums, Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded in 2013 by the Austrian NGO “Hope for Future” and is located next to “Damascus Nursery and S.H.C. School”, another project department of “Hope for Future”.

100 children, 75 boys and 25 girls in five different teams, between 6 and 17 years are members of ACAKORO Football. 12 Coaches execute a high quality Youth Football Training with these children daily, a training oriented on European Quality Standards. Therefore ACAKORO Football provides all Training Facilities, like one ball per child, training uniforms, football shoes, speed letters and so on.

Furthermore ACAKORO Football takes care for the education of all its children and pays school fees for them. All members who attend primary school get taught in “Damascus Nursery and S.H.C. School”, located next to the Academy. Secondary School education is done in cooperation with schools nearby.

Additionally to the Coaches 4 Social Workers of the NGO-department “Social-Health-Care-Center Korogocho” take care of the welfare of the ACAKORO-children. ACAKORO Football takes care of these 100 children in all ways: Medical care, social behaviour, school performance.

All this requirements secure that children of ACAKORO Football will not only be a top educated football player but will also be academically mature, healthy and a member who take positive action on their society!

Every alumni of ACAKORO Football will have a positive impact on their environment, and the most talented ones will definitely change the face of Kenyan football!

Not everyone will become a professional, but everyone will profit!